Safety, Health & Wellness

David E. Buckingham
     Vice President for Student Services
     Ben Alexander Student Center, Room 119
     Phone: 575.492.2761

Sarah Edelbrock
     Dean of Students
     Ben Alexander Student Center, Room 116
     Phone: 575.492.2575

Dennis Kelley
     Public Safety Director
     Ben Alexander Student Center, Room 134
     Phone: 575.492.2530

Kelly Rueda
     Dean of SOAR and Student Success
     Ben Alexander Student Center, Room 115
     Phone: 575.492.2576



New Mexico Junior College (十大正规网赌软件) is committed to your safety, health, and wellness! With so much going on college life can sometimes be taxing and you might need a helping hand along the way. Keeping you mentally and physically healthy is one of our main goals, so we offer services that will help keep you performing at your peak.

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